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A analysis of irregular, random SonicWALL NSA reboots by using TSR/StackTraces

by admin on 19/06/2013

On one your SonicWALL firewall we had irregular reboots and failovers on a HA-Configuration. We got more information on downloading the “technical support report (TSR)” and found some stack traces on this report. (If you found such stack traces on this report normaly all you can do is to open a support case at SonicWALL […]

How read a Sonicwall Configuration as plain text

by admin_import on 02/09/2008

First export the setting via Web-GUI as exp-File (System –> Settings –> Export Settings). Now create a new perl script for Base64-decoding on your host… #!/usr/bin/perl #Scriptname: decode use strict; use MIME::Base64; local($/) = undef; # slurp my $decoded = decode_base64(<STDIN>); $decoded =~ s/&/n/gms; print $decoded; … and decode the file with the Sonicwall configuration: […]