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List the perl modules installed on your box

by admin_import on 18/05/2010

By using ExtUtils::Installed # if ExtUtils::Installed not installed, please run first: perl -MCPAN -e ‘install ExtUtils::Installed’ perl -MExtUtils::Installed -MData::Dumper -e ‘my ($inst) = ExtUtils::Installed->new(); print Dumper($inst->modules());’ By using CPAN: #shows only Packages which needed an update perl -MCPAN -e ‘print CPAN::Shell->r ‘ Or use following script: I’m not a hard-core Perl monger, but I recently […]

Check Point – Unable to open HTTPS-Sites when using SecuRemote/SecureClient

by admin_import on 11/05/2010

If you are unable to connect HTTPS-Sites over a Proxy by using VPN-Tunnel with Check Point SecuRemote / SecureClient, you have to enable “asm_http_allow_connect” on the client. On Windows: – open regedit – Go to HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesFW1parameters – Add a key called Globals – Under Globals, create a DWORD called asm_http_allow_connect – set its value to […]

Get Check Point IKEView (Download)

by admin_import on 11/05/2010

Normally IKEView is available only for CSP partners http://www.checkpoint.com/techsupport/csp/downloads/dl_utilities.html#ike_view. But you can download and install InfoView package https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal/user/anon/page/default.psml/media-type/html?action=portlets.DCFileAction&eventSubmit_doGetdcdetails=&fileid=8227. After Installation you find IKEView under C:Program FilesCheckPointInfoview1.0.

Shell: Find and Repleace String over many files with Perl

by admin_import on 03/05/2010

From: http://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/116 An equivalent of the other find-replace, except it’s a one-liner that generates no temp files, and is more flexible: perl -pi -e ‘s/find/replace/g’ *.txt Or, to change matching files in a hierarchy: find . -name ‘*.txt’ |xargs perl -pi -e ‘s/find/replace/g’ That didn’t work when the file names contained white space. This seems […]

Check Point Endpoint Connect connect with certificate by command_line.exe Tool

by admin_import on 03/05/2010

command_line.exe connect -s [IP-CheckPoint-Gateway] -f “[certificate file]” -p [Password] Example: c:program filescheckpointendpoint connectcommand_line.exe connect -s -f “f:certfile.p12” -p secret It is very important that the argument for the Parameter -f (certificate file) is set in quotation marks!

Setting up DNS-Server on Check Point Endpoint Connect R73 on Microsoft Windows 7

by admin_import on 03/05/2010

Open Command-Line-Box (cmd.exe) with Administrator-Rights. C:>netsh int ip sh int Idx Met MTU State Name — ——— ———- ———— ————————— 1 50 4294967295 connected Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 11 10 1500 connected LAN-Connection 12 0 1350 disconnected LAN-Connection* 9 Search the virtual Interface from Check Point Endpoint Connect. It is the Interface with Metric 0, MTU […]